C.drive 2 Tyre Profile

The Eco Tyre

Reduced tyre rolling resistance means better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, helping to protect the environment. In addition, the use of orange oil increases gripping power for safety. C.drive2 introduces a new era of eco tire.

C.drive2 features a new compound with polymers that have a higher molecular weight and increased volume of silica than previous types. The long polymers are intertwined with one another, increasing the strength of the rubber to provide excellent handling performance. Using more silica while reducing carbon helps to reduce heat, thus lowering rolling resistance. The addition of orange oil makes the rubber more flexible, for better gripping performance in both dry and wet conditions.

The C.drive's 'Full Logic' asymmetrical tread pattern has now been enhanced even further. The positioning of the grooves provides superior performance on both wet and dry surfaces. The maximized contact area in the outer zone and the shortened lug grooves on the inside shoulder are designed to maintain rigidity when cornering, whilst the four wide straight grooves. The spiral drain grooves on the centre ribs are effective in draining water. Diamond-shaped bevels ease the stress on the central rib, which prevents uneven wear.

C.drive 2 Tyre

- Asymmetrical tread pattern for balanced performance
- Newly developed tread compound with silica, polymer and Orange Oil
- Orange Oil means the rubber is more flexible and offers lower rolling resistance

- Better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions
- Exceptional wet weather performance
- Enhanced dry handling but also smooth and quiet

C.drive 2